Author, Storyteller,

From loss to an awakening
Alternative history to poetry,
Management techniques to horror stories.
No story, is too large or small.
My writings cover the Spectrum of life!


‘Live life on purpose. Express yourself. Create because you are a creator. Then life is worth living.’



Multi-Genre publisher, author and writer.


Road construction business for over twenty-five years. He endured great highs and lows: fathered three children, went through a divorce, two failed business ventures, bankruptcy, multiple surgeries and a reunification with his high school sweetheart, Debbie, who he would kiss goodbye for the last time seven months later.


His last surgery in 2010 forced him to temporarily exit the construction industry. With one career behind him, he ventured into a new one--writing. The first stories he wrote are real life scenarios dealing with losing loved ones to cancer: his partner, father and Debbie. These works are both honest and heart-warming. He holds nothing back as he allows readers to look deep into the psyche of one who has loved and lost so much.

He has also written books in the following genres: science/fiction, time travel, Baseball coaching manuals, horror, poetry, alternative history and erotica. Currently lives in the DFW area spending time with friends and family.


Jeff Dawson knew where he was going when he embarked upon the telling of this tale, and he strode into the past so successfully that I genuinely feel as though I spent time in that frightful place and time...

Tim Greaton

It was excellent! The characters are well developed and original. The mixture into the actual invasion of Poland is natural. The vampires are kind of old school and violent. The descriptions reminded me...

Doug DePew

For anyone interested in the original vampire stories, where they don't sparkle and fall in love with human girls, this book is for you...

Crystal C

The action was nonstop in this book, and it's a good read for anyone who enjoys stories about classic bloodthirsty vampires...

J. Michel

"I shall show the Third Reich who the true masters of this region are. I shall personally visit this major Ernst and let him embrace true steel in his neck!""